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Driver & Sponsor Comments

Drivers and Sponsors can Leave Comments Here

From Driver Trevor Rizzo of the #33 Legend for A K Performance

Thank you Sponsor Drivers!

Sponsor Drivers helped me to recieve a donation from one of their followers; Daryl H. Robinson. I cannot thank them enough for their help in putting my tweets out throughout the season and especially in helping me obtain a sponsorship!


Trevor Rizzo

From Driver Luke Rakoske of Rakoske Family Motorsports


Sponsor Drivers Big Part Of Our Racing Success. Sponsor Drivers was a huge part of our success in 2015 and will be moving forward. They were the link between us and our newest sponsor, Badmixies Good Deal Outlet. Scott of Badmixies Good Deal Outlet and his family are wonderful people. Racing is a big people sport, a big relationship business. That's what Sponsor Drivers does. They help you make the connection to start developing the relationships that lead to beneficial and rewarding sponsorship deals. I know, for us, as a small team in a unique form of motorsport, Sponsor Drivers has been huge for us in getting our name out to the racing community. It's not a guarantee that you will get a sponsorship deal from being involved with Sponsor Drivers. But, it certainly will help your chances. They are great people, great race fans, fighting for the little guy, with a burning desire to see every racer have the opportunity to showcase what they can do on the track. We are very grateful for all the time and effort they put in. 

Luke Rakoske

Success Stories

From Wayne Huffman Driver of the #73 UMP Stock Car


Sponsor Drivers was a huge asset to our team for a variety of reasons. They connected us with an excellent company that found much interest in our team. They also provided a vast amount of publicity, amazing people behind this operation and hopeful they can continue to succeed with many other teams along with my own.


Wayne Huffman

From owner of Cruise4U - Phil Arons


I contacted sponsor drivers with a low budget. I was hooked up with Robert Silver JR and it was a great partnership. Also their marketing expertise is helping me with a huge project. They are the greatest!


Phil Arons


From Ryan Ellis - NASCAR Sprint Cup, Xfinity Series, Truck Series Driver


Mitsy and the team at Sponsor Drivers made my 2015 season amazing. Without them, I would have maybe only ran a few races. The relationships they have are very helpful to any drivers career, and they are all great people.

They work hard and never get enough credit. We need more people like these in our racing community because not only do they help get us on track, but they are great friends. I can't ever thank them enough and am happy and proud to call them friends.


Ryan Ellis

From Cassie Gannis - NASCAR Super Late Model Driver


Thank you Sponsor Drivers Motorsports Marketing

My entire NASCAR Super Late Model team is thankful for all your support! Your help in getting us lodging assistance has truly helped our team! Along with providing our team with product sponsorship, SDMM is also active in supporting teams via all forms of social media. I can't thank you all enough for all your help and support of my team.


Cassie Gannis

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