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 There is no other sport like auto racing that provides the corporate sponsor with so many different ways to merchandise and market its racing association. The role of the corporate sponsor has long been recognized in auto racing as a major and necessary component of the sport. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey and other team sports do not permit the direct commercial sponsorship association that is offered and nurtured in auto racing. Support of the sponsor and its products or services is an accepted way of life.   
*    Race Cars serve as moving billboards for the sponsor's logo. When properly placed on the vehicle, the sponsor's graphics are highly visible to the fans in the stands and to the TV viewers at home.   
*    Drivers and team uniforms, along with event and race circuit signage, which carry prominent sponsor identification, give the sponsor additional visibility with fans at the track and also appear in TV coverage and newspaper photos.   
*    Drivers support sponsors by wearing brand or corporate apparel at public appearances away from the race event to further the sponsorship association.   
*    Trucks which transport the cars to the racing circuit also serve as traveling billboards for the sponsor and its racing association.   
*    Products can be showcased at the track through hospitality functions and display exhibits where additional signage and product sampling opportunities are available.   
*    Print and electronic media outlets, which set the standard for news coverage, have agreed to mention race sponsors of events and cars in their coverage if those sponsorships are an integral part of the story. This is a much more liberal policy than is followed in other types of sports coverage and in hard news and feature stories.
*    Potential tax break / advertising write-off
*    Cross marketing programs between several corporate sponsors present opportunities to sell and promote products in a unique and innovative fashion.In-store product displays using a racing theme, coupled with a driver autograph session or a racecar display, generate additional traffic into retail stores.Corporate trackside hospitality provides for a unique way to entertain clients, employees and VIPs
*    Use the opportunity as a public relations vehicle by displaying the racing team picture on the wall of the office or store.Racing sponsorship improves the loyalty of a company’s employees.
Racing events can be a very fun family outing - employees and their children would really appreciate a day at the track. Another incentive that can be used to build a company’s morale is to allow an employee(s) to work on the car preparation. Obviously this will apply more if you are an automotive shop or related business.Even if you personally have no interest in racing, you can still take advantage of the promotional advantage it can provide your business. Racing events can be a great environment for the prospective client or existing customer who happens to be a race fan. Again, use the opportunity to be creative and differentiate your company from other companies in your market. There is no doubt that more exposure in the community will translate into a sale down the road.

How can motorsports sponsorship benefit your business?

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